How to create a hospitality comeback strategy: Anne Gannon, The Largo Group

Anne is the Principal at The Largo Group, an Accounting firm that specializes in the hospitality industry providing monthly bookkeeping, tax services, and business consulting.

She’s also the Author of Never Again – a book that was written in response to the tremendous challenges faced by the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without giving much away ahead of the episode, I was surprised to hear that one of the biggest lessons many hotels have learned the hard way over the past 18 month is the importance of cash flow. And not just how much cash is coming in now, but how much is expected to come in throughout the year.

Those forecasts have become the lifeblood for ailing hotels, and given that it’s everyone’s favorite time of year, aka Budget Season, I wanted to have Anne on to share more insights from the past 18 months, discuss her new book and to give some guidance on how hotel managers should be approaching their 2022 financials.

About Anne

Anne Gannon is the Principal at The Largo Group. The Largo Group offers innovative accounting and bookkeeping solutions to businesses and individuals. In 2016 The Largo Group’s revenue has grown 75% year-over-year for the last 5 years. The Largo Group has over 500+ customers from Alaska to Maine and a team size of 8.

Anne is often tapped by press as an expert in PPP loans for business.

The Largo Group is perfect for those looking for specialized monthly bookkeeping, tax services, and business consulting focused on improving efficiencies and the bottom line. The uniqueness of our firm is that Anne is the sole owner as most accounting firms are partnerships. We are set up as a corporate model. If we win, the team wins.

Anne’s audience on social media is greater than 1,500+ and she is happy to share your episode with her fans!



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