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How to Build (And Then Scale) a Unique Airbnb Co-Hosting Business

Meet Jake Tucker, founder of Roav — a collection of urban and luxury retreat STRs located in the Pacific Northwest

Jake began co-hosting Airbnbs while in college as a side-hustle.  He had no experience in real estate or hospitality whatsoever, but after Googling “how to make a lot of money as a college kid”, he stumbled upon the plethora of rental arbitrage content on YouTube and began to binge.

When he graduated, all of his friends started getting real jobs and Jake felt pressured to do the same.
But as he thought more and more about it, the idea of working for someone else seemed untenable to Jake…

So, he decided to trust his gut and go all in on building his STR property management business.  And now, just a few years later, Roav is one of the largest short-term rental hosting companies in the Inland Northwest.

Tune in to hear Jake share how he got started with his first few properties, how he navigated COVID, his tips for acquiring new property owners as customers, the pros and cons of managing both traditional STRs AND unique stays, and much more.

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