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How They Founded, Built, and Scaled ’Thanks for Visiting’

Meet Annette Grant and Sarah Karakain from Thanks for Visiting — one of the most popular, if not THE most popular short-term rental podcasts out there. 

Sarah is an actress by trade and was hustling on Broadway when Airbnb first became available in NYC.  She somehow convinced her husband to let her list their basement on Airbnb and, well, it wasn’t long before Sarah traded securing auditions for home acquisitions that she’d transform into short-term rentals.

Annette is an entrepreneur by trade who has helped launch and scale multi-million dollar businesses in and around Columbus, Ohio. Today, she partners with real estate investors to help them launch and scale their short-term rental portfolios. 

In the episode you’ll hear the story of how Sarah and Annette met, the founding story of Thanks for Visiting,  their thoughts on building a brand, and everything you can expect from their event TFVCON happening in Columbus, Ohio Sept 24th – 26th. 

Annette and Sarah were kind enough to invite me to come speak at TFVCON on SEO Strategy for STR Hosts and I can’t wait to participate in this dynamic event.

I’d love to meet all you listeners in PERSON…so please consider coming to the event.  You can use the discount code “BTS” as in “Behind the Stays” at checkout for $150 off any ticket level.