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How ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and Twitter Help Him Build a Portfolio of Airbnbs Remotely

Meet Michael Albaum — a professional remote real estate investor, Airbnb superhost, and fellow podcaster.

After getting an engineering degree and moving to the Bay Area, Michael stumbled upon a book that would forever shift his perspective on work and wealth…and that book was Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

In this episode of Behind the Stays, Michael shares candidly about how he’s been able to grow a portfolio of short-term and longer-term rentals that are mostly remote — as in, he doesn’t live in close proximity to his properties.

Michael and I chat about:

  • the pros and cons of using a property manager
  • the importance of balancing perspectives and decisions from both an investment and hospitality lens
  • the future of OTAs like Airbnb
  • how to get a crash course on real estate investment on Twitter
  • and much more.

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