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How I manage my debt so I am always ready to buy!

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In this week’s STRUnfiltered, Bill unveils the secrets behind his successful management of debt, ensuring he’s always geared up to invest in new short-term rentals.

Discover the strategic approach Bill takes when it comes to securing loans and how he forges strong relationships with local commercial banks. You’ll learn why viewing the loan process as an interview with the bank and its programs is a game-changer!

Ever wondered how credit cards can be utilized to their fullest potential? Bill has the answers! He shares invaluable insights into using credit cards for miles and mastering the art of maximizing the point system.

But that’s not all! Bill reveals a clever tactic he employs—his wife takes ownership of the so-called “bad assets,” artfully keeping them off his credit score and debt-to-income reports. Learn how this separation from business assets can open doors to better loan and credit card opportunities.

Stay tuned for a power-packed episode filled with financial wisdom and savvy strategies, so you too can navigate the world of short-term rentals with confidence and success!

[00:00] Introduction

[00:38] Loans

[02:30] Local Commercial Banks

[05:25] Paying Down Debt

[06:30] Credit Cards

[09:01] Paying Credit Cards Off

[10:07] Wife Owns Bad Assets

[11:47] Personal Financial Statement

[12:05] In Closing

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