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How do I bring guests back again and again?

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Welcome to STRUnfiltered! In this episode, Bill shares his secret to keeping guests coming back – treating them as gateways to return visits. By adding guests to his email list and offering exclusive opportunities to rent other homes in different cities, he creates a personalized and valuable experience. Bill also leverages ChatGPT to craft content for targeted advertising, ensuring repeat customer acquisition. Remember, it’s all about selling a story and experience, not just making money. Stand out by engaging your audience and watch them book you again and again for the unforgettable experience your home brings. Tune in now and level up your hosting game!

[00:00] Introduction


[01:38] Step One

[04:30] PS Message

[06:40] Using ChatGPT

[07:20] Indoctrination Email

[08:35] Setting Your Content Up

[09:28] Personalized Messaging

[10:50] Wrapping Up

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