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How and Why You Should Increase Prices Before It’s Too Late with Andrew and Claire Bowen of Cafe Success Hub.

In today’s episode, I chat with Andrew and Claire Bowen, authors of The Daily Grind book and co-founders of The Cafe Success Hub. We discuss having the courage to increase prices in the wake of ever-increasing costs, and why it is one of the most important things you should be doing to protect your business, your team members’ jobs, and your livelihood. We cover;

  • Why it is important that you increase your prices sooner rather than later,
  • Some of the misconceptions that we hear around the industry about prices and;
  • Andrew and Claire share some tips and strategies to use when the time comes to apply the uplift.

Check out Andrew and Claire’s business, Cafe Success Hub.

The Daily Grind book by Andrew and Claire Bowen.

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