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How AI Will Enable Hospitality Entrepreneurs to Scale Their Brands (and Portfolios)

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Meet Luca Zambello, Founder of Jurny, a tech company with the mission of bringing hospitality into the age of AI and Automation. 

Luca was born and raised in Italy but moved to California to pursue his dreams of becoming a tech entrepreneur more than 15 years ago.

Pretty soon after arriving in LA, he stumbled into real estate and quickly realized there was massive opportunity in the short-term rental management space as Airbnb was quickly gaining popularity.

In the process of scaling his Airbnb management company to over 300 units, Luca had to change PMSes not once, not twice, but five different times!  Luca was convinced that there had to be a better way to build tooling and solutions that could grow with a property manager as their business and portfolio grew.

So, he took a big risk, and left his successful management company to go all in on an idea he had for levaragin AI to create a One-Stop Shop Property Management solution to help short term rental hospitality entrepreneurs save copious amounts of time and money on operations so they can focus more time on growth. 

Tune in to hear the inspiring story of how he started and scaled Jurny and how he predicts AI will enable the next generation of hospitality entrepreneurs to scale their brands, increase their revenue, and decrease their expenses in hugely significant ways.

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