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How AI Can Transform Your Hospitality Business, with Matt Wampler of ClearCOGS

Welcome to this enlightening conversation with Matt Wampler, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearCOGS where we explore Matt’s varied experiences in the hospitality sector. 

From working in franchised restaurants to now leading a company that leverages AI to optimise food industry processes, Matt discusses his journey, leadership lessons, and the role and potential of AI in enhancing efficiency in the hospitality industry. 

Matt highlights the advantages of AI’s analytical strengths in reducing food waste, improving inventory management, and transitioning businesses from reactivity to proactivity. 

He underscores the need to be authentic in leadership roles and the benefits of using AI to handle tedious tasks, allowing businesses to focus on creating magical customer experiences. 

Despite the differences in every restaurant, this conversation explores how AI can help systemise operations to be smoother and more efficient.

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