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Hotel Revival Making an Impact with Donte Johnson

What does “impact hospitality” mean?

In this episode, I am joined by Donte Johnson, Award-winning Area Director + General Manager at Hotel Revival, to chat about the Impact Hospitality Initiative in Baltimore.

Donte Johnson began his career in the hospitality industry in 2001 with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants in DC. He has held several positions including concierge, director of guest services, area revenue manager and assistant general manager. In 2009, Johnson was the youngest employee ever promoted to general manager for Kimpton Hotels. In that role he received awards for creativity and community service, which would become the foundational pillars of his unique brand of hospitality.

Throughout this conversation, Donte talks about what the Impact Hospitality Initiative in Baltimore is, the effects that they are seeing from it, his approach to retaining employees, what sets Hotel Revival apart from other hotels, what 5 star service means to him, how travel is being redefined, and more.

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