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Growing Your Airbnb Portfolio Using Creative Acquisition Strategies with Maria Reith

Welcome to an exciting episode of The STR Sisterhood, where we’re diving deep into the world of Airbnb and short-term rentals with a remarkable guest, Maria Reith. 

Maria is not your typical real estate investor; she’s a true real estate bosslady, and she’s sharing her inspiring journey and reveals innovative strategies for acquiring real estate that have transformed her life and supercharged her portfolio.

Discover Maria’s secret to growing her retirement accounts while expanding her short-term and mid-term rental empire, all with far less cash than you ever imagined possible. Maria’s unique approach will leave you inspired and ready to take action.

But that’s not all – Maria is not just building wealth for herself. She’s also actively involving her kids in her real estate business, teaching them valuable financial lessons and helping them grow their own accounts through their earnings. It’s a family affair that’s changing the game in real estate investing.

And don’t miss out on Maria’s captivating backstory of her very first property acquisition using creative methods. Throughout this episode, she emphasizes that being a creative real estate investor isn’t just about deals and transactions – it’s about having the right goals and a heart for making a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re passionate about Airbnb, short-term rentals, and innovative real estate strategies that can change your financial future, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now and get ready to be inspired!

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Key highlights in the episode

[02:30] Who is Maria Reith?

[03:06] How Maria got into the world of real estate

[11:35] How she discovered creative strategies for acquiring properties

[14:28] How she convinced her risk-averse husband to embrace the creative acquisition approach

[20:31] The impact of the creative real estate acquisition approach on her life and the growth of her portfolio

[21:29] Using the creative real estate acquisition strategy to grow different types of accounts 

[22:33] How she actively involves her kids in her real estate business and helps them grow various accounts through their earnings

[27:16] How does she determine the amount to pay her kids?

[28:55] The backstory of the first property she purchased in a creative way

[46:58] The Lightning Round

[01:00:21] How to get in touch with Maria Reith

Golden Nuggets

  • Executing a creative real estate acquisition involves having the right goals and a heart for people. 
  • Everything is figure-out-able.


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Resources Mentioned

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad:


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