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From Short-Term Rentals to Boutique Hotels: A Journey with She Invests Founders Allie Fugatt and Carrie Douglas

Buckle up, folks, because this episode is a must-listen! Join me as I sit down with Allie Fugatt and Carrie Douglas, the brilliant minds behind the She Invests Podcast and Facebook group.

In this conversation, we delve into their journey of starting in short-term rentals and how they convinced their husbands that getting into the “Airbnb game” was wise. Fast forward to today, they’ve both pivoted into the world of boutique hotels (and are deep in the throws of renovations). So we also get to hear all about their renovation journey so far. From navigating unexpected challenges to finding design inspiration, they share their insider tips for success.

Tune in for amazing insights!

Key Highlights

[02:27] Know our guests, Allie and Carrie 

[03:35] How they got started in the STR space 

[11:30] The strategies Allie and Carrie used to introduce the idea of STR investment to their 


[19:06] How they transitioned over into boutique hotels

[23:44] Biggest challenges in the renovation process and how to navigate them 

[30:05] Navigating challenging business relationships and conversations 

[34:28] What prompted Allie & Carrie to form a collaborative partnership ( She Invests 

 Facebook group &  She Invests Podcast), and what have they learned from it so far?

[42:19] The lighting round

[46:35] Final words 

Golden Nuggets

  • “The best investment is the one you know.”
  • “The best investment is the ugly house in a good neighborhood.”  
  • “You don’t know what you don’t know. And you can’t prepare for what you don’t know.”
  • Make connections in the communities that you are in because they are going to be the driving force, and they are going to be the people that come in and save you and connect you with the right person 
  • “It feels hard because it’s new, and practice makes it not new.” 

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