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From Hops to Hospitality: Crafting a Curation of the World’s Top Glamping Sites

Meet Jake Pontius — Co-Founder of Nook, a collection of North America’s most remarkable landscape hotels and outdoor accommodations. 

After working as a business analyst at a timeshare company, Jake left the corporate world to pursue his passion of brewing craft beer and it was during this season of his life where he first fell in love with hospitality.

Now while Jake fell in love with the industry while working in food and beverage, his family is no stranger to hospitality. Jake’s father, David, actually spent his career working in executive capacities at RCI, Hilton, and Bluegreen Vacations.

In this episode, Jake and I discuss:

  • Why he and Michael Goldin from Storied Collection and building Nook
  • The value of building soft brands in hospitality 
  • What his predictions on the future of experiential travel are
  • Why he’s bullish on landscape hotels and outdoor accommodations 
  • And so much more

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