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Fixing What’s Broken in Real Estate -Transparency and Solutions with Real Estate Broker Amy Terry

Joining us today is Amy Terry, a real estate broker and owner of 8Z Real Estate just outside of Denver, Colorado. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Amy has a wealth of insights to share about navigating industry changes and improving the brokerage model. We’re excited to learn from her experiences and perspective on “what’s broken” in real estate.

Amy shares her 20 years of experience, including starting her own brokerage in 2009 to address issues like transparency with consumers. We discuss the recent lawsuits targeting realtor commissions and how her peers are responding (Hot Take – Amy believes the lawsuits will weed out unprofessional agents and force more transparency).

Jason, Rory and Amy discuss commission structures and how agents can demonstrate their value beyond rates. They offer advice for struggling agents, like focusing on “why” they got into real estate. Amy also details innovative programs at her brokerage to help agents invest in real estate and work towards retirement.

Join us for this thought-provoking conversation about improving the industry and how mindset plays a key role in success.

Things we discussed in this episode:

– Lawsuits against realtor associations regarding lack of transparency in real estate commission structures.

– Changes to the real estate industry as a result of the lawsuits, including agents leaving the industry or not renewing licenses.

– Importance of transparency with clients about commissions and co-op offers. 

– Potential for commission negotiations in competitive offer situations.

– Demonstrating value as a real estate agent beyond just commission rates.

– Group investment program for agents to purchase rental properties through brokerage.

– ESOP program allowing agents to become partners in the brokerage.

– Advice for struggling agents to clarify goals, provide value through activities, and shift mindsets.

– Discussions around helping clients invest in real estate to build wealth.

– Personal perspectives on maintaining focus on what’s truly important.

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This podcast and these show notes are not legal advice, but we hope you find both entertaining and informative.


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