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Financial Independence One Acre at a Time Inspiring Real Estate Stories with Author Kendra Barnes

Meet Kendra Barnes, the Founder and Creator of The Key Resource – a community of aspiring and experienced Real Estate Investors, building wealth together.

Kendra is a wife, a mom, and a full-time Real Estate Investor. Her real estate investments afforded Kendra the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32.

Along with her portfolio that generates over $150k of annual income, Kendra is a reach estate coach, helping beginner Real Estate Investors learn how to make passive income with Real Estate (even if they don’t want to be a Landlord!)

Kendra’s latest project is a book entitled Acres, Inspiring Stories of 25 Real Estate Investors Who Are Normalizing Black Wealth One Acre at a Time. Her goal is to normalize black wealth and inspire others with the stories of black real estate investors, how they have built their investments and overcome obstacles, by showcasing their stories in a beautiful coffee table book.

Kendra has been featured on Black Enterprise, Side Hustle Pro, and Forbes, and now also on The Real Estate Law Podcast!

In this episode, we discussed:

– How playing the game CASHFLOW changed everything for Kendra

– How Kendra was living comfortably, but didn’t have income-generating assets

– Switching strategies on her first duplex and going to short-term rental route

– Leaving her stable government job to become a full-time real estate investor

– Establishing goals and purpose with one’s real estate investments

– Creative ways to come up with down payments for properties

– Location rental strategies (for photo shoots, back yard, etc.)

– Shipping container and prefabricated homes

– Normalizing real estate investing and ownership for Black Americans

Get in touch with Kendra:

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Join Jason Muth from Straightforward Short-Term Rentals and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill of NextHome Titletown and UrbanVillage Legal in Boston, Massachusetts for another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast!

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