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Expert Tips for Designing Your Short-Term Rental with Jenny Yi

If you’re looking to increase your revenue, focusing on your property’s design can make a huge difference. By paying close attention to the design of your Airbnb, you can attract more guests, enhance the experience during their stay, and increase your average daily rates (ADR). 

And, as a result, you can increase revenue while setting your rental apart from others, which is especially important if you’re in a saturated market!

In this episode, I sit down with Jenny Yi, owner & founder of Jenny Yi Designs, a design firm in the Airbnb & hospitality design space. Jenny shares recommendations for how to choose the right theme for your property, how to utilize interior design fundamentals while maintaining the uniqueness of your Airbnb, and SO much more!

Listen in to learn powerful design tips that will turn a looker into a booker and improve your business!

Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[02:54] Intro to Jenny 

[03:47] How she got into the STR space

[08:28] The QR Code adventure wall

[12:22] What are the benefits of creating a QR Code adventure wall compared to

  putting the information into a welcome guide?

[14:04] The feedback she gets about the adventure wall

[16:47] Other favorite things she likes to incorporate in a design

[19:32] How to choose the right theme for your property 

[22:50] How to utilize interior design fundamentals while maintaining the

  uniqueness of your Airbnb

[27:44] The 3 types of designers and their specialization

[28:17] What’s one thing Jenny would put in the house she lives in but never include

  in a short-term rental?

[30:17] Jenny’s advice to people who do design and furnishing by themselves and

  feel overwhelmed

[39:51] The lightning round:

  • Where is your favorite place to vacation?  
  • What’s one place you’ve never been to that you want to visit?  
  • What’s one thing you know now that you wished you knew when you started out in the short-term rental business? 
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  • What’s one thing and/or person that you are grateful for today?

[45:54] How to connect with Jenny Yi

Golden Nuggets

  • “The more you get your guests to be interactive with your property, the better the experience is gonna be.”   
  • “Enough choices make it fun. Too many choices, then you become stressed.” 
  • If you are either just starting out or you have a minimal budget, your theme needs to be based on locality.
  • Spend money on things that will translate into bookings. 
  • “Your tomorrow is not measured by your failures of today.” 

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