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Episode 89 – The future of events with Nicole Santer from Eventbuzz360

Episode 89 – The future of events with Nicole Santer from Eventbuzz360

Nicole began her events journey young, in her family catering business, and was instrumental in the expansion of the business into airlines, hospitals and hotel catering. “My family were very well known as the premier catering company in the community”. Nicole is highly driven and ambitious with a passion and flair for business, which led her to start her own venture.

In 1998, Nicole established her own event management agency, Extraordinary Events, and soon started organising events for many of the world’s largest brands. Now with her newest project EventBuzz360, event organisers are taken on a journey inside the world’s most spectacular corporate and social events, connecting them to coveted designers and other event suppliers, all at their fingertips. Through its pictorial platform, organisers can start imagining how their event could “look and feel” and find suppliers to help them with their event’s production!

In this podcast we talk about if she believes the events industry can come back after COVID-19, what parts of the events space will never come back, what areas of the hospitality industry that supports events does she believe will be hurt the hardest from this crisis and what she is most looking forward to doing again for yourself post-COVID.

Please find out more about EventBuzz 360 and Nicole here: