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Episode 28 – How to make your restaurant the ‘Comeback Story’ with Sylvie Gabriele from Love and Salt LA

Episode 28 – How to make your restaurant the ‘comeback story’

In this episode I talk with the amazing restaurant owner Sylvie Gabriele of Love and Salt LA.

Since the opening in late 2014, Love & Salt has garnered critical attention for the reinvention, as well as the restaurant’s SoCal interpretation of Italian cuisine, including recognition as one of Los Angeles Magazine’s top ten new restaurants of 2015. That same year Forbes described the evolution as “L.A.’s Best Restaurant Comeback Story.”

Sylvie’s fastidious approach to managing all aspects of the restaurant — from the warm service to the branding and creative marketing — have contributed to Love & Salt’s continued growth and success as a mainstay not solely in Manhattan Beach, but in Los Angeles proper.

We talk about how Sylvie has managed to take a venue that was famous for what her father Guy Gabriele did with Cafe Pierre, and make it a powerhouse venue on Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles.

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