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Episode 20 – How to build a food app that also helps the environment

Episode 20 – Jane Kou from ‘Bring Me Home’ App

Jane Kou is a young entrepreneur who wanted to do something to change the amount of food that is thrown out of food venues across the country.  

1 in 5 meals gets binned just because it’s unsold. Bring Me Home’s app lets you buy and pick up discounted surplus food from cafes and restaurants, which would otherwise be binned.

Since mid 2018 the Bring Me Home app has rescued over 1000 meals that would have otherwise been thrown out. It is a win-win-win scenario for both the Bring me Home business, food vendors and customers of the app.

In this episode we talk about:

-How Jane came to build the app around this concept

-How food waste is contributing to environmental damage

-The venture capital environment and how it is different in the U.S. opposed to Australia.

-Her targets for the brand and how she plans for it to scale.

If you want to connect with Jane from ‘Bring Me Home’ then the best way is to firstly download the app and reach out to her on LinkedIn under ‘Jane Kou’

As always I love feedback so please reach out at: [email protected]