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Episode 19 – Shaun’s story of building his career in hospitality. Hosted by Jason Titus

Episode 19 – How Shaun built his career in hospitality.

I definitely flipped the script on this one and got someone I truly respect and trust, Jason Titus, to interview me on my career in the hospitality industry. The wins and losses and how my experiences have shaped what is important to me.

<We discussed:
-How I first started my career with Bakers Delight.
-How I was able to buy a bakery by 21 and why I bought a second one at the age of 26.
-How I lost it all at the age of 27 and went into liquidation.
-How I stumbled into a job with Grill'd burgers and how it shaped me unknowingly.
-How and why I started Open Pantry Co. and what is next on the horizon.

Jason is a very close friend and he did a great job interviewing me on this podcast. He is a business coach specialising in sales training so please follow him at: