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Ep 27 – From CPA to doing over 1000 Flips and STR’s with Mathew Owens


Mathew Owens – is a CPA and owner of OCG Properties, LLC BA in Economics w/ Emphasis in Accounting from UC Santa Barbara Certified Public Accountant, 2002 Bought, renovated and sold or held over 700+ single-family properties Currently buying 5+ single-family rental properties per month Acquire and operate value add multifamily properties Private Lender with over $10M+ lent in multiple markets across the U.S. Raised over $75 million in private investors capital Currently own over 130+ units in Memphis, TN, Atlanta GA, St. Louis, MO Property management 10+ years experience Investments Syndicated investments Performing and non-performing Notes Single-family, multifamily properties – flipping & holding Private lending Short term rentals 15+ years experience taxation and auditing 15+ years full-time real estate experience


06:10  Mathew’s biography

14:19  Taking those baby steps to achieve your dreams.

15:56  What got Mathew into real estate and how he got to the point to make the leap to go fulltime.

21:30  What Mathew’s Airbnb systems look like now.

31:09  Mathew’s vision / goals / thought pattern right now.

36:13  Is there anybody that will fund the furniture investment for short term rental.

39:19  KPI’s of how Mathew helps measure his management companies progress.

46:58  Everybody is going to make mistakes.

49:26  What does Mathew specifically look for when looking for a short term rental property?

55:14  Paying attention and realizing after taking a hit from a change in the market.

56:57  What is the #1 Secret for success in short term rentals?


“You’re focused on what do you want to bring into your life and the more that is successful for you the more it becomes ingrained belief over time.” – Mathew Owens

“The first thing I do now is looking at myself and say, ‘What did I do wrong here

that I can change to make this not happen again.'” – Mathew Owens

“Mindset and that culture is literally everything for success” – Mathew Owens.