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Ep 23 – How to 10X Your Rental Income; From $600 to $6,000/Month with Addison Ricci


Addison Ricci – is a new real estate investor with huge aspirations.  After spending nearly a decade in video production he decided to try his hand at real estate investing to build passive income.  He currently owns 2 short-term rental properties in Knoxville, TN (while living in Florida), and plans to expand and acquire more over the next couple of years.


04:30  Addison’s background

07:52  What Addison learned ever since they started the business in February 2020?

09:16  The dynamic for Addison’s STR operations.

10:44  The types of software or technology that they are using to help streamline their operations.

11:46  They’re doing the Airbnb platform exclusively.

13:14  What are their plans/strategy to go from 2 units to 30 units.

15:52  How Addison rent their 2 properties in one lot.

16:40  Their plan/goal for their next property.

17:41  How much would Addison get from a long term rental compared to a short term rental.

18:59  Whatever real estate strategies you use always make sure it still cash flows.

20:00  How Addison enrolled his Mother in the short term rental business.

23:53  Some of the things that they do to make their listings stand out.

26:06  Who’s doing the cleaning and the supplies.

29:38  Addison’s definite goal in short-term rentals.

30:53  Will Addison go full time on real estate or just as a side portfolio and still do his full-time job?

32:48  Putting all the eggs to this aspect of real estate.

35:21  Where can people get in touch and see Addison’s properties.

35:46  Addison’s number 1 secret for success in short-term rentals.

36:33  Addison’s best advice to start your own short-term rental business.


“We’re not just buying houses and making them fit. It’s like building this stays that

is intended for just being perfect stays.” – Addison Ricci

“Keep it simple especially at the beginning. Kind of, learn the ropes, do what you’re doing, really figure out how to find/tune your operations and your systems. Then if you want to expand go nuts but it’s not an essential thing.” -Michael Sjogren

“Just staying flexible with these stays, I think is really key.” – Addison Ricci

“You can create a project with your family and it’s a way that you can create

something that can change the life of everybody, now.” – Emanuele Pani