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Ep 179 – The tech brand that leads with integrity with Ashik Ahmed from Deputy

Ep 179 – The tech brand that leads with integrity with Ashik Ahmed from Deputy 

Ashik Ahmed is the co-founder & CEO of Deputy, a global software company that is used by more than 300,000 workplaces in more than 100 countries to schedule, communicate with and ensure labour compliance standards are adhered to for more than 1 million shift workers across the globe.

It has always been a platform that I have used in the venues I have worked in,  so I feel fortunate to talk Ashik on this week’s podcast 

In this podcast we discuss:

-How the aviation sector drove the idea for Deputy

-How working a shift in one of his customer’s venues allowed Ashik to gain perspective of what Deputy offers

-How the hospitality industry is not just about food but instead about the experience

-The one feature that you wish more Deputy customers would use more often that Ashik believes is awesome

-How hospitality owners can make decisions about the tech that they use

-The difference between ‘company outward’ and ‘customer inward’ brands

-Why the onboarding feature was added to Deputy

-The importance of flexibility for staff satisfaction

-If he ever reflects on how well the company is placed in the tech landscape

-The focus for Deputy in 2022

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