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Ep 17 – STR Secrets – Automation & Optimizing Your Guest Experience with Hostfully Co-Founders Margot Schmorak & David Jacoby



Margot is CEO and Co-Founder of Hostfully. She has spent her career working on community-driven products that help businesses and entrepreneurs get closer to their customers. Prior to Hostfully, Margot worked at Apple, leading marketing initiatives for the first iPhone Developer Program before taking the reins at ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV) as VP of Marketing and Strategy. In her free time, Margot is an avid traveler, having visted Yunnan (China), Vinales (Cuba) and Paris. Margot holds an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and a BA in economics from Vassar College. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and three young children.


David is President and Co-Founder of Hostfully. A proud Airbnb Superhost living in San Francisco, he loves welcoming guests from around the world and showing his kids the transformative experience of sharing your home with others. As a traveler, he’s couch surfed around the world, including Cairo, Lima, Jerusalem, Hanoi, and Kigali. Prior to Hostfully, David was COO at WellCall, Inc., a health coaching and corporate wellness program company, where he grew the business from its infancy until its acquisition by Health Advocate in 2012. David graduated from the Wharton School of Business.”



04:43  Margot’s introduction

06:20  David’s introduction

12:36  How their website/product works.

15:10  The struggles with using guide books manually.

16:58  Them going with the new web design usability practices.

18:15  What you can expect when you go to their website.

19:33  Put something in that helps you provide the support system for you.

22:25  Dedicated to being a platform product.

23:57  Owning on what you’re good at.

25:38  How the ecosystem has evolved and their Goal.

27:59  Common questions that they usually get from their guidebook.

30:03  Their guidebook breakdown.

31:30  Things that were not important before that are important now.

33:50  Corona Virus accelerated the industry even more recently.

38:14  No one graduates with the degree in vacation rental management from college.

39:15  Hostfully’s biggest focus right now.

42:00  The failed vision.

46:43  The software’s automated templates and triggers.

49:14  Giving customers a reason to come back.

49:36  Gift certificate ideas for Airbnb’s.

51:48  2 FREE months use of any guide book subscription. Use the code: strsecrets

52:21  What is their best secret for success in Short Term Rentals?

53:46  Surprise tip from Margot Schmorak.


“Speed people up by 6 months at getting successful in this industry, especially

for newcomers, is much more meaningful.” – Margot Schmorak 

“The most important thing that successful people say is the word, No.” Warren Buffett

“The more you can feel and look local the more trust you’re going to inspire with

your guest and I think the more likely, people will be able to book with you.” -Margot Schmorak



Margot’s Email: [email protected]

David’s Email: [email protected]