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EP 161 – Personalized Hospitality with Rose Tipka

Rose Tipka is the founder of Your Family’s Place, a vacation rental company nestled in Ohio’s Amish country. Owning and managing a collection of homes valued at over $2 million, Your Family’s Place offers pet-friendly, large homes spread across 75 private acres—welcoming multigenerational families and large groups traveling together. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, Rose and Your Family’s Place is known for personalized hospitality, beautiful surroundings, and for being like a home away from home. Designed with nostalgic vacation memories in mind, families reconnect like the good old days—back before, lives became too busy with jobs, technology, and a phone that never stops buzzing. Whether sitting on the dock catching fish, hiking the trails in the woods, or going head-to-head over air hockey downstairs, there’s something for everyone. Your Family’s Place can’t stop time but welcomes guests to slow down and reconnect with the people who are most important. Your Family’s Place’s properties have been featured on Territory Supply’s List of the best vacation rentals in Ohio. Rose has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, along with appearances on multiple hospitality podcasts, including Boostly, Thanks for Visiting, Catch Up With The Karwells, Spilling the Tea on AirBnB, Get Paid For Your Pad, Superhog’s Spotlight on Guest Experience, Live Let Thrive, The STR Sisterhood with Stacy St. John, No Vacancy the Podcast, and Slick Talk the Hospitality Podcast.

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