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Ep 158 – Going Big with Boutique Hotels with Blake Dailey

Blake Dailey began his real estate investing career buying and renovating hurricane-damaged homes in Panama City, FL, and stumbled upon a high cash-flowing short-term rental strategy acquiring houses with ADUs. After surpassing his W2 income with his cash flow, Blake pivoted to commercial multifamily and syndicated his first large apartment deal – a 66-unit in NC. Combining his experience with raising money and doing commercial deals and BRRRRing STR properties, Blake jumped into commercial short-term rentals by converting run-down hotels/motels into renovated boutique hotels. Blake has owned five boutique hotels and a handful of short-term rental homes across California, Florida, and Utah, along with the 66-unit apartment complex. He buys, renovates, and operates boutique short-term rentals.

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