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Ep 147 – From 0 to Over 50 Properties in 18 months with Kyle and Allie Fugatt

After 17 years of being together, middle school sweethearts Kyle and Allie Fugatt embarked on an exciting journey into real estate in 2019. With Kyle’s background as an Electrical Engineer for a large European Firm and Allie’s experience as a high school science teacher, the couple initially pursued long-term rental investments before taking their business venture in a new direction – short-term rentals – in 2021. Fast forward sixteen months later, and both have retired from their respective careers to pursue investing full-time. Now, Kyle and Allie cohost over 15 properties, own a boutique hotel, own a construction and holdings company, and run a capital-raising company for large STR investment properties. This power duo has certainly made strides with each passing year yet continues making remarkable achievements along the way.

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