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Ep 139 – Building Wealth Through STR Partnerships with Tamar Hermes

Tamar Hermes is a real estate investor, coach, author, speaker, and founder of Wealth Building Concierge, providing a white glove service for women to invest in real estate and grow wealth without fear or overwhelm. As a child, she had no money and built her portfolio to eight figures while creating a life on her terms. Today, she helps hundreds of others do the same. Tamar believes her childhood trauma kept her from making the money she desired, and she wants others to get past the limiting barriers that keep them playing small when investing with more clarity, joy, and ease. Tamar is the author of the 3x Bestselling Amazon book, The Millionairess Mentality: A Professional Women’s Guide to Growing Wealth through Real Estate. She is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and Bigger Pockets and has been featured in Fast Company, Buzzfeed, and over 50 podcasts. I am a part of Gobundance and was involved in leadership for two years. I met you on the STR GB call. I own 6 STRs. I got involved because I like cash flow and appreciation, and the way to make those numbers work is with STR. I invest in Austin/San Antonio. I am now doing pre-fabs with David Lawver (In the GB Champions group). The model is to put up pre-fabs in hot areas in Austin and STR for long-term holds.

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