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Cleaning Up the Short-Term Rental Scene with Derrick Agyiri, Founder of

Join hosts Myka and Steve as they sit down with Derrick Agyiri, the visionary founder of Discover the intriguing story behind the inception of Cleanster and how it evolved into a game-changer for the short-term rental cleaning industry.

Derrick takes us on a journey from Montreal, Canada, where Cleanster first emerged, to its expansion into the United States, particularly Dallas, Texas, prompted by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how Cleanster’s early days were marked by a commitment to quality, with no profits taken for the first nine months.

Explore the unique approach that sets Cleanster apart, as they hire and rigorously vet their cleaners, ensuring top-notch service for clients. Discover how AI and geolocation technology are employed to maintain transparency and integrity within the platform.

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