Breezeway: Powering the Future of Property Care and Services

Episode #8 of the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series:

Jeremy Gall founded in 2006, and grew it into one of the world’s largest vacation rental listing and review sites before TripAdvisor’s acquisition in 2013. In working with thousands of vacation rental property managers, Jeremy saw a shift starting to take place – guests were expecting higher-quality properties and more concierge service.

Jeremy figured that these changing consumer dynamics would place a heavier burden on property managers, and that professionals would require purpose-built tools to handle heightened standards of property care and more service interactions. Breezeway was born soon after in 2016 with the mission to power the future of property care and service.

In this episode of Slick Talk, you will hear Jeremy and myself talk about his journey and our perspectives on the state of the industry and where we expect it to pivot as we believe the barrier of entry is rising. Jeremy is a pioneer in the industry and so to have this conversation and “geek out session” was beyond cool! Didn’t even feel like I was recording an episode! Check out how Breezeway can help you and your property, hotel or vacation rental alike, Breezeway has the solution you need!

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