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Breaking into Your Imprisoned Retirement Funds For Your Real Estate Investments with Tony Unkel

Did you know that you can purchase real estate using your Self-Directed IRA?

For a lot of the people interested in financial independence and retiring early, having money locked away into an IRA or 401k can feel relatively daunting.

Self-directed IRAs empower investors to grow their retirement accounts with alternative assets such as private equity, private placements, precious metals, and – our favorite asset class – real estate.

Meet our guest Tony Unkel, Business Development Manager for The Entrust Group.

Tony works with investors throughout the US, helping them understand the possibilities of self-directing their retirement plans and purchasing rental properties with their Self-Directed IRAs and tax-advantaged plans.

The Entrust Group has worked with investors for over 40 years, assisting them by purchasing alternative investments with retirement funds and administer the buying and selling of assets that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.

Self-Directed IRAs provide investors with the freedom to invest in almost anything. With that said, each investment strategy has a set of rules that you’ll need to abide to keep your Self-Directed IRA in good standing, and Tony walks us through all of that.

In this episode, we discussed:

– How real estate professionals can help their clients invest in property tax-free.

– Breaking into your imprisoned retirement funds and using them for real estate and other investments

– What can and can’t you invest in with your Self-Directed IRA?

– Who should consider making a portion of their retirement funds self directed?

– What level of due diligence will a custodian record keeper administrator do for any individual investments within Self-Directed IRAs?

– Who are disqualified persons and why is it prohibited to enter into a transaction with these individuals?

– Not being able to perform any degree of sweat equity on real estate purchased through a Self-Directed IRA.

– Purchasing property in retirement destinations (Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica), using Self-Directed IRAs.

– The difference between a Direct Purchase and a Checkbook IRA

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