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Being a Pet-Friendly Host: Interview with Miranda Bereza

Miranda decided to have pet-friendly short-term rentals after her dog, Roxy, got cancer five years ago. She decided Roxy would accompany her everywhere she went, and it was then that she realized how important it was to her that she offered short-term rentals that also welcomed furry friends.

Miranda owns STRs in Columbus, Ohio, and is flexible on the number of pets allowed on the premises. She wants her guests and pets to be comfortable at her properties, and she also wants it to be a stress-free experience. She has a welcome basket that helps think of any needs the guests would have with their pets. In this episode, she tells us about her experiences as an STR owner and a host of pet-friendly properties. Miranda will talk about the extra costs and costs involved in having and running pet-friendly rentals, the advantages, and the core do’s and don’ts.

Key Highlights

[00:01:40] Introduction to Miranda and where her STR business is located

[00:02:35] What idea made Miranda try the STR business

[00:04:08] Why Miranda initially chose to have a pet-friendly rental

[00:5:47] Difference in choices with furnishings to make the rentals pet-friendly

[00:06:58] Was it difficult to find a cleaner that was okay with cleaning a pet-friendly home?

[00:08:37] With your guests that you’re welcoming into your properties, what percentage of them bring their pets?

[00:09:18] What have you learned from being a short-term rental host?

[00:13:00] How many people are within your accountability group?

[00:15:00] The lightning round:

What is your favorite place to vacation? Montreal

What’s one place you’ve never been to that you would like to visit? Japan

What’s one thing you know now that you wish that you knew when you were starting out in the world of short-term rentals? Price labs and auto messaging

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Save great messages from guests, reviews, or special magic moments, and remember those things in the bad times.

What’s one thing and/or person that you are grateful for today? Tonya Rooney

[00:17:50] Miranda’s book club

Notable Quotes

●     We want guests and pets to be comfortable at our house, and we also want it to be is a stress-free experience. So, we have a welcome basket that helps just think of any needs our guests would have there with their pets.

●     Our main focus was durability, so we made sure that we had white on everything for the bedding, and we did a duvet cover to protect the quilt inside.

●     One thing I’ve learned about being a host of a short-term rental is that it can be as time-consuming or as little time-consuming as you want it to be, so I’m extremely invested.

●     With us doing all of the work, we have such a kind of benefit in our market. We see the houses always; we know if maintenance needs to be done.

●     So in my accountability group, we have four people. And it’s nice to keep it small because you get to know each other better, and then it stays on the rails.


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