Behind The Host with Toby Dore

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 477. In this podcast we’re going to be talking to Toby Dore, an exceptional host who is also a college professor, travel blogger and author of Hospitable Hosts. He is also the CEO of Cajun Stays which currently stands at 21 properties.

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00:00 – Introduction

01:04 – A little about Tobys business and how he got into hosting

07:37 – How did Toby go about adding more properties?

14:51 – What challenges does Toby face travelling a lot?

20:15 – Where did Toby find his VA’s?

22:46 – What tech does Toby swear by?

27:20 – How did Toby get involved in Hospitable Hosts?

33:21 – Tobys plans for the future

36:57 – A little more about Toby







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