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Avoiding #Airbnbust with Tracey Northcott

Tracey Northcott joined the short-term rentals and Airbnb business in 2011. At that time, she was fully invested as an Airbnb host, and her business was seamless and thriving. However, when regulations were put in place in her area, things changed abruptly, and her Airbnb bubble burst. This prompted her to “put on her big girl pants” and learn how to build a true hospitality brand.

Fast forward to today…with so many things changing and bookings being down in so many places, how can YOU protect yourself against #Airbnbust? Join the conversation with Stacey St. John as she talks with Tracey about her experiences. Tracey stresses the importance of knowing your target demographic (how you can identify it). Moreover, Tracey discusses how you can precisely anticipate your guests’ needs, and she also gives a guide on how to increase direct bookings. Don’t be a victim of an empty booking calendar in 2023…tune in!

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Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[04:05] Meet and greet Tracey Northcott, and know where she is located

[04:41] Today’s theme; Avoiding the Airbnb bust

[05:39] Tracey’s experience with the Airbnb bust

[08:45] The importance of knowing your target demographic

[10:27] How to identify your target demographic

[14:33] How to precisely anticipate your customers’ needs

[20:46] Guide to increasing direct bookings in STR business

[25:45] Tracey’s recommendation to people who are not eloquent in writing

 value-based newsletters

[27:49] What is a lead magnet: Definition, examples, and how to create one

[30:30] The lightning round:

●       What’s your favorite place to vacation? Thailand

●       What’s one place you’ve never been to that you want to visit? Iceland

●       What’s one thing you know now that you wished you knew when you

 started out in the short-term rental business? Who my ideal client is

●       What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Trust your


●       What’s one thing and/or person that you are grateful for today? The


[34:51] How to link with Tracey Northcott


Notable Quotes

●     “CEO means Chief Executive Officer, not Chief Everything Officer.” [27:22]

●     “Life is too short to despair.” [34:03]

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