Andria Santos: Booking with Design In Mind!

Fülhaus, a design and furnishing service for hotels, apart-hotels, and short-term rentals in Canada, the USA, and Europe, has launched a new concept as Montreal’s first direct-to-consumer furniture rental service.

Andria and I had a great discussion on how now more than EVER, design plays such a huge role in what guests are looking for when staying at a property. The standards of a clean and functional place to stay are no longer the only things travelers are looking for as almost all of us are spending way more time indoors than usual.

I also wanted to say that I’ve “opened up my doors” to any audience members that want to have a chance to talk to me one on one! 2020 hasn’t been easy for us in hospitality but we have a solid community and I want to get to know you all! You can book a time to chat with me by clicking this link!

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