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#AirbnbBust: Is it real?

This episode is Sponsored by the STR Industries #1 marketing platform.In the latest episode of STRonomics, Bill and Kenny address the trending topic #AirbnbBust and analyze whether there’s any cause for concern.

They focus on middle properties, not quite Super Properties, which are experiencing similar challenges to mid-tier businesses in America. They reveal compelling statistics on three-bedroom, two-bath properties and how a single adjustment can significantly boost bookings.

New investors receive invaluable advice on understanding guest travel habits for a successful venture. This jam-packed episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the short-term rental market, with insightful analysis and actionable insights from Bill and Kenny. Don’t miss out! Tune in now!

[00:03] Introducing STRonomics

{00:38] Fear Mongering

[02:25] Is It Dead? Or Corrected?

[03:24] Cryptocurrency

[04:43] The Middle Squeeze

[06:00] Smooth Revenue Appreciation

[09:15] Treat Like A Business

[10:35] Airbnb Bust?

[12:20] The Three Twos

[16:40] How Is A Market Saturated?

[22:25] New Investors

[25:10] Audit of Financials

[27:40] In Closing

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