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Airbnb investing isn’t dead.

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In the latest STRUnfiltered episode, Bill challenges the idea that Airbnb investments are losing steam, arguing that they’re still relevant. He points out a common mistake: investing in lackluster locations, wrong markets, and ill-timed ventures.

Bill shares his proactive approach to finding untapped investment opportunities, like his exploration of Whitefish, Montana—an overlooked gem. He explains his strategy for gaining trust with bankers, emphasizing the importance of providing well-prepared information. Throughout his talk, Bill stresses the importance of focusing on quality when choosing properties and crafting marketing plans.

Bill also highlights the value of building relationships with experienced investors and learning from them, pointing out the helpfulness of resources like the Fall Accelerator for newcomers. Wrapping up, he advises a careful assessment of underperforming properties to decide whether to improve or let go, expressing his preference for outstanding investments over ordinary ones.

[00:00] Intro

[00:42] Market Right Now

[02:16] Finding New Markets

[03:11] Getting Approved

[07:22] Compromising

[08:05] Learning From Professionals

[09:04] Mastermind Retreat

[10:00] Average Property

[12:26] Host Academy

[13:00] In Closing

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