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Airbnb Host vs. Professional Vacation Rental Manager: Insights from Alex Husner

Join me for an engaging conversation with Alex Husner, Chief Marketing Officer at Casago, co-host of the engaging Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals Podcast, and a distinguished Member of the Board of Directors at the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA).

Alex shares her insights on how professional vacation rental managers operate and how it compares to the short-term rental world. She also reveals a staggering statistic on the amount of direct bookings that professional vacation rental managers achieve.

We also discuss the importance of networking, creative ways to drive growth in your short-term rental business, and how Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) can benefit STR owners.

If you’re serious about growing your short-term rental business, this episode is a must-listen! 

Key highlights in the episode

[02:48] Who is Alex Husner? 

[05:42] Key differentiators in how a large professional organization operates a short-term rental business vs. individual investors or short-term rental hosts

[10:36] What are the current percentages of direct bookings versus bookings through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) from a professional vacation rental management perspective?”

[13:31] Her responsibility as Chief Marketing Officer at Casago

[16:20] The importance of networking with other owners and operators

[20:06] How can you engage with the local community and drive business growth without an active CVB?”

[24:17] The role of a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and how it can benefit STR owners

[27:37] How to identify organizations that can actively promote your short-term rental

[30:32] The lightning round

[37:06] How to connect with Alex Husner


Golden Nuggets

  • Building a network with fellow STR owners and operators helps you steer clear of mistakes and paves the way for a smoother journey. 
  • Developing relationships with local organizations allows you to collaborate and brainstorm ideas, fostering win-win scenarios that benefit everyone. 


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