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Airbnb Going Downhill, Dallas’ limited rental supply becoming a huge opportunity, and Finding The Right Cleaners For the Job.

Episode 276 of “Live Let Thrive” springs forward with a timely discussion on Daylight Savings Time and its impact on the rental industry. Join us for our next meetup in Irving and celebrate our wins for the week, including Steve’s profitable domain sale.

Myka breaks down the secrets to setting the right prices for your mid-term rentals, particularly for those coveted insurance clients. With Dallas facing a shrinking creative rental market, we discuss strategies for success in a limited inventory environment and emphasize the importance of understanding your business model.

Steve will share insights on his roofer connection, ensuring your properties are always in top shape. Meanwhile, get inspired by Grant Cardone’s journey on “Undercover Billionaire,” and learn how to amplify your presence in the digital realm across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

The cleanliness of your rentals is paramount – find out how to select the best cleaning services and weigh in on the debate over accommodating early check-ins. We also talk about the value of convenience and the costs of participating in a mastermind group.

Dive into the strategy of investing in condos with creative financing methods like “subject to” and the benefits of getting involved in HOA boards. Discover the transformation of condos into boutique hotels and identify your target clientele to ensure your rental business thrives.

Airbnb trends are shifting towards more upscale offerings – what does this mean for the classic hotel vs. Airbnb debate? And we can’t ignore the implications of Dallas’s new 3% rule for multifamily properties.

Also, Google makes a splash at the VRWS Vacation Rental World Summit, and we ponder the ultimate question for property features: Garage or converted game room? Tune in for these topics and more, where we discuss how to stay at the peak of the rental industry game.

Holler at Steve and Myka!

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