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Airbnb Advice Column: I Want to Quit Hosting & How to Tell If Guest Complaints are Genuine??

Welcome to the first Airbnb Advice Column bonus episode. Hope you enjoy! XOXO – Natalie

2:01 – Serena:

Help. I’ve been feeling so burnt out. Doing all the things, adding all the amenities, and still getting picky guests leaving 4 star reviews. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and am thinking of quitting.

4:54 – Phil:

I know you always talk about niching down, but I’m worried that going too strong in a niche will affect possible resale value.

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9:10 – Harry:

My wife and I are trying to decide if we should buy in the market where we want to retire, or go to a more cash flowing market.

11:22 – Tara:

How to decide if a monetary refund is warranted. Never sure if guests are just fishing or it’s legitimately justified.

17:15 – Sam:

How do I become a guest on your podcast?!

Send guest submissions to [email protected]

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