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Airbnb Advice Column: I NEED TO VENT ABOUT AIRBNB & Is Your Market Slow or Over Saturated?

Welcome to another Airbnb Advice Column bonus episode. Hope you enjoy! XOXO – Natalie

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15:51 – Katherine

As a co-host, do you buy restock items for your owners?

17:45- Vera:

My guest broke house rules and I canceled the reservation mid stay. Can they still write a review?

19:16 – Eddie:

A pipe burst and the water is shut off! But it’s not our pipe or our fault. What do we do?!

23:06 – Gabby:

It’s been so slow for us. Is it the same for you?

27:32 – : DIYintheBurbs

I’m switching from a full property management company to self management. Where do I start? I’m scared!

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