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Advanced Marketing You Will Want This Fall/Winter

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In the latest episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill delves into cutting-edge marketing techniques that can elevate your STR’s appeal and secure numerous bookings throughout the Fall and winter seasons.

At the heart of your short-term rental business, the cornerstone remains hospitality. Bill underscores the significance of engaging with your guests, demonstrating that their comfort and concerns are of paramount importance. He astutely notes that apprehensions about guest disengagement from email subscriptions are natural. The solution lies not in ceaseless sales pitches for your property, but rather in imbuing your written content with substantial value.

Bill further explores the concept of cultivating a sense of urgency and exclusivity among your guests. By doing so, you craft an environment where they feel like valued members of an exclusive VIP community. This allure kindles their desire to select your property for their forthcoming family getaways.

The episode also delves into leveraging Lookalike lists within Facebook ads. This strategic approach presents your property to individuals who mirror the demographics of your prior guests. The integration of this technique with platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo propels your listing’s popularity. As rankings on Airbnb operate as a popularity contest, channeling increased traffic toward your listing inevitably enhances your property’s visibility and ranking.

In essence, Bill’s insights empower you to refine your marketing tactics, prioritize guest satisfaction, and ultimately secure a stronger foothold in the competitive short-term rental landscape.

[00:00] Intro

[00:50] Summer To Fall Mode

[02:00] Being A Giver

[02:40] Hospitality

[03:18] My Email List

[04:00] Urgency & Exclusivity

[05:15] Taking Care of Your People

[06:36] Facebook Ads

[10:23] Sending Emails

[11:15] Rankings on Popularity

[12:30] Follow Friday

[13:00] Wrapping Up

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