91 – Event Verbiage: What does ROS, VOD, and other event terms even mean?

In this episode, we’re going over event verbiage/event terms – from ROS and BEOs to – there is so much jargon with every industry so let’s dive into some of the common terms, acronyms, and phrases we come across in the event world.



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Terms/Verbiage We Discuss: A/V, Attrition rate, BEO, Break down/load out/strike, Confidence Monitor/DSM, CC, CMP, Change Order, DDR, DMO/DMC, Fam Trip, Gamification, Green Room, Honorarium, Hybrid, In the Round, Livestream, MC/emcee/Master of Ceremonies, MICE, MPI, OBS, PIP, RFP, ROS, ROI, RTMP, Radio etiquette, Script, Showflow, Speaker Timer, TRT, VPN, VOG, ++

Additional Terms: https://spotme.com/blog/event-planning-terms-glossary/

Episode 6 – How to Handle RFPs with Vanessa Loney: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4aQGvI3bM9uefwtd8rsaKE?si=-pWDyGe3TG6Uq1Npq1coWg 

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