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#237 David Lund Hotel Financial Coach at Hotel Financial Coach on The power of knowing your numbers

This week we speak with David Lund about his new book THe Prosperous Hotelier – a guide to hotel financial literacy.

David Lund discusses the concept of ‘Hospitality Financial Leadership’, advocating for those in the industry to have not just monetary prosperity, but also more time for family, friends and communities. He explains how by seeking help, being curious and understanding financial reports, leaders and businesses can change their financials, connecting their finance strategy to their wider business objectives. The importance of financial literacy at all levels and transparency in financials is emphasized as a game changer for businesses. Lund also shares his journey of writing his book, ‘The Prosperous Hotelier’ and the insights from it, including examples of managing aspects like food costs and labor costs. He urges businesses to share financial results with their managers and invest in their colleagues’ development.

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