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#211 Deepak Ohri, Chief Happiness Officer at lebua Hotels & Resorts, on the Power of Education and Mentoring

Hotel owner and author of the book ‘A Bridge Not Too Far’, Deepak Ohri, joins the show for the second time. He is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at lebua Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok-based luxury hotels and restaurants company with locations in Thailand, India, and New Zealand.

We reflect on how he came to run a hotel and discusses the importance of balancing material desires with principles. Deepak also talks about his new book and how he applies these principles in his everyday life, and the need to put people first. 


‘A Bridge Not Too Far’ by Deepak Ori:

‘The Great Game of Business’ by Jack Stack: 

#87 Deepak Ohri, CEO Lebua Hotels and Resorts, on Emotional Touch Points:

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