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#176 Spencer Hyman, Founder of Cocoa Runners, on What Craft Chocolate Can Teach Us

Cocoa Runners are the home of the world’s finest craft chocolate, working with over 100 makers from all over the world, providing 750 bars through a monthly discovery service, individual bar sales and distribution services for small batch, single estate, craft chocolate. Today we are joined by the remarkable founder of this company, Spencer Hyman, who is on a mission to bring you the world’s best single estate chocolate.

Spencer reveals the negative and positive environmental and social impacts of chocolate production – and how Cocoa Runners are championing the positive side. We also explore why you need to hear the ‘snap’ from a chocolate bar, radical transparency, overcoming the impulse-buying culture, the ‘Salted Caramel Trick’… and we get to try some chocolate on the show. 


‘Cocoa’ by Kristy Leissle:

‘Smellosophy’ by A. S. Barwich: 

‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins: 

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