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#171 Sophia Ahamed, Principle at Monograph & Co, on Your Storytelling Touch Points

How do you have a story and a brand that talks to people’s hearts? Find out how from Sophia Ahamed, the Principal at Monograph&Co – a Design Agency based in Vancouver, Canada. They produce compelling brand identities, publications, product packaging and digital experiences for clientele both locally and internationally. She is a Designer and Artist with over a decade of experience building brands and crafting design-specific pieces for the hospitality, food and beverage, and retail sectors

It was fascinating to learn how storytelling bleeds into all parts of a business. Tune in as we discuss behavioural theory, how good storytelling helps retain your employees, why ‘bespoke’ is now an expectation, finding your voice as an introvert, and life lessons from the Stoics. 


‘Stillness Is the Key’ by Ryan Holiday

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