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#166 Dan Nash, Founder of SixEight, on Becoming a Cult Brand

Want to build a brand that people rave about? Dan Nash is the founder of SixEight, an agency that helps food brands turn their customers into a cult of superfans. As a Brand Strategist, it’s Dan’s mission to make food brands become a force for good, behave more like humans and generate the same intense love as the best brands in the world. He works with brands like Dishoom, Flat Iron, and Tonkotsu who have a story worth fighting for.

We talk about how you tell and scale your story so it has a huge impact now and in the future on your brand and sales. We also discuss building local connections, the power of naivety, creating a manifesto, Anthony Bourdain – and his previous life as a digital nomad in Thailand.



Hiut Denim

Liquid Death Water

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