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#107 Marco Reick, Director of People & Talent at QOOT Co, on Fixing the Talent Crisis

It has been just over a year since Marco Reick joined the show to discuss company values during a crisis. A lot has happened since for both hospitality and Marco, so I can’t wait to catch up and reflect what we’ve learnt. Marco is now the Director of People & Talent at QOOT Co. – an investment and management company in the world of hospitality. Their portfolio of market-leading brands and restaurants include The Gentlemen Barista, The Lebanese Bakery, Chestnut and 19th Century Burger. 

In this conversation, we explore how we can retain our great talent, as well as find new people. Tune in to learn more about interactive online learning, how simplified tech will help us navigate post-lockdown transitions, lessons learnt from a recruitment fair – and looking out for a grey rhino.


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