Behind the Stays

117 Episodes
Each week, Behind the Stays brings you the stories behind your favorite Airbnbs and the hosts who’ve made them memorable. Meet the military veterans, retired flight attendants, tech entrepreneurs, school teachers, single moms, digital nomads, and real estate investors who have all, in their own unique ways, joined the growing community of short-term rentals. Discover how these hosts — from all over the world — have built chic cabins in the mountains, designed bohemian bungalows on the beach, and erected eclectic off-grid escapes. Behind the Stays is brought to you by Sponstayneous — a carefully-curated newsletter that sends subscribers 150 of the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb twice a week. You can subscribe for free at Behind the Stays is hosted by Zach Busekrus (@zboozee) — Co-Founder of Sponstayneous. If you know of an Airbnb host you think we should have on the show, please reach out directly to me at and I’d be happy to talk with them.
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